Teacher training with South Cumbria SCITT: practical, theoretical, applicable.

Subject Knowledge Enhancement

If you are applying for a place on our Chemistry, Computing, Mathematics or Physics courses, but do not have a degree in those subjects, you may be eligible for a Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course.  These are 8 week courses which begin in July 2017, and are intended to boost subject knowledge before a trainee begins their PGCE course.  Trainees on SKE courses are currently eligible for a bursary of £200 per week whilst on the SKE course.

When is an SKE course recommended?

If we make the completion of an SKE course a condition of your offer, you will be expected to have completed it before the start of the course.

How do I apply for SKE?

Only trainees holding offers from a training provider can register for SKE.  If we think that this is something that you would benefit from, we will make it a condition of your offer.  We will then refer you to our chosen SKE provider.


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