Teacher training with South Cumbria SCITT: practical, theoretical, applicable.

Secondary Physics

UCAS Course Code: 2LJY

You will be based in school from day one of the course, with most of your training in a school context.
You will have at least sixty training days where you learn the craft of teaching through a range of group lectures, seminars, observations, role playing, tutorials, self-directed study, research and presentations. These training days will be in a range of locations in order for you to learn from the best practitioners and see a range of contexts.

As we are working across South Cumbria there will be many opportunities for you to be a part of a larger group of up to 30 trainee teachers across both primary and secondary phases, however your training will also be personalised to match your developmental needs. You will interact with a community of like-minded people all enthusiastic about teaching and the rewards that brings.
As part of your training you will have immersion days and weeks within a different school setting in order to extend your training which will then allow you to learn a range of teaching and learning approaches.

The first few weeks of the course will have more input and allow you to observe lessons, followed by a regular training day per week linked to the craft of teaching and whole school issues such as behaviour management and literacy. You will also have subject specific sessions where you have the opportunity to learn about the pedagogy of teaching for your chosen subject.
When you have completed your first main assessed placement, there will be another period of training sessions to support the next phase of your training, in preparation for your long final assessed placement.
At the end, you will have the opportunity to extend and enrich your experience by following a personal action plan and gaining addi- tional experience to support your transition to your first teaching position.

Subject Specific

You have selected to specialise in Physics because you are passionate about the subject, however you will also learn about teaching some Biology, Chemistry and General Science as this will equip you to teach in school.

At least ten of the training days will focus on the development of teaching in your subject. This will include learning how to run safe and effective practical lessons which will inspire young people to be enthusiastic about the science they learn.
You will explore the teaching of science and physics using a variety of approaches and working with teachers from a number of schools.

You will learn about the science curriculum and will have the opportunity to work with GCSE and A Level groups.
In addition you will work in modern school science laboratories and have technician support when learning about teaching practical science sessions.

Assessed Placements

You will have two assessed placement blocks.

  1. Placement A from September to Christmas
  2. Placement B from February to June

These will occur in two different schools in order for you to have a range of deep learning experiences. Your placement will be personalised to your training needs, in order to support you in becoming the best teacher you can be. You may be placed in any of our partner schools within the South Lakes Federation and Furness area, in order to give you the very best training.
As stated earlier, you will also have the opportunity to have a variety of experiences in other schools but these will not be formally assessed.

Assignments & Assessments

As you will be studying a PGCE, you will have academic assignments at Masters level which require you to read, research and reflect on your learning and experiences within the training year.

In addition you will complete a portfolio of evidence to support your journey to qualified teacher status, reflecting, identifying your training needs, progress and celebrating your achievements.

You will be supported throughout with access to a personal tutor, the course leader and a University tutor too.

Entry Requirements



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